My Story

Growing up I was never a big kid. I grew tall quickly but never gained any weight. My sophomore year of high school I stood 6′ 3″ and weighed around 155 pounds. My height was great but my weight held me back. Playing football in the most difficult conference in the state, I knew that at my size I would be very prone to injury and competing against juniors and seniors would be. So I made a choice to try and get bigger and stronger the fastest way I could.

During that time, Creatine was the new supplement that people were talking about and trying to take. Not to be left behind I decided to try some. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was after school one day and a buddy lent me his bottle of Creatine powder to mix up a drink before we worked out. I read the instructions on the bottle and mixed it up right there at school in the bathroom. About 30 minutes later I was heading towards the gym to start my work out full of confidence because I had this new substance in me that would supposedly help me get the results I wanted, but I never made it to the weight room. My body rejected this foreign chemical violently and I ended up vomiting all over the hallway. I told our coaches I just had gotten sick and didn’t reveal the true nature of why I had thrown up. I never took Creatine again and vowed not to supplement.

A couple years later after graduating college I made a change. I stopped playing football because of a major surgery and turned towards a completely new endeavor, college cheerleading. This is a sport where power and speed is crucial to perform a lot of the skills. The dilemma came up again that I just wasn’t strong enough to compete with other guys. So I turned to GNC again for supplements. This time I didn’t hold back. I bought everything in sight to give me the best advantage. Testosterone boosters, other products that supposedly gave my muscles a pump, and also pre-workout and post-workout powders. I had a shelf full of products that I thought would help me get bigger. I took them religiously for weeks; 14 pills a day plus 2 workout shakes. I got bigger and I got stronger but I know for a fact it wasn’t because of these products. While taking these supplements, I was making sure to eat three large meals a day, drink lots of water, and get plenty of rest. I was doing all the things my body needed me to do to gain strength. But I decided to spend $250 on supplements, and I wasn’t going to let that money go to waste by taking the supplements and not providing my body with food.

If I could go back I would do it with out the supplements. All I got from them was products that taste horrible, a bloated stomach, and sometimes dizziness from working out on an empty stomach. One of the products I took said to take it on an empty stomach for best results. If I could go back I would have avoided the supplements entirely. The only product I would take then and now would be Glucosamine for joint health, which has been proven to help.

It was a waste of my time and money in all honestly. If I would have just stayed on top of eating proper meals, working out on a regular basis, and continuing to practice good sleeping habits I would have seen the same results.


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